Extra Large LLDPE Pallet Stretch Film

Model No : Extra Large LLDPE Pallet Stretch Film

Dimension : 45cm x 1.6kg

Color : Clear

Weight : 18 Kilogram

Pallet Stretch Film is made of linear low-density polyethylene film as backing material which provide excellent protection for packed products during storage and shipping.


  • Excellent durability and superior protection against water, grease as well as dust
  • High transparency of film with excellent flexibility provide good wrapping effect
  • As an eco-friendly as well as recyclable material which can reduce environment pollution
  • Multi-layer of film structure provide good bonding effect and well conformable on applications


  • LLDPE film with excellent load holding force provide protection of goods against damage
  • Outstanding efficiency of film promote labor productivity as well as reduces industrial cost
  • Strong strength and waterproof film allow for easy work and increases stability of packages
  • Excellent tensile strength and strong wrapping strength as the result of excellent flexibility


  • Commonly used as protective film for cartons during shipping or warehouse distribution
  • Ideally as packaging film for protection against water and damage due to good load holding force

Available Date : 27/4/2015

Sold & Fulfilled by uPackaging