LB-6 Black Disposable Plastic Lunch Box (600pcs)

Model No : LB-6
Size (mm) : 230x195x35
Lid Height (mm) : 10
QTY  : 50pcs / pkt , 12pkt / ctn

Color Order Amount
Black 1 or more
Fubuki 1 or more
Hanabi 1 or more
R&B 1 or more
Yayoi 1 or more
Yoshino 1 or more

Features: Accuracy, Outside Locking, Safety, Space, Surface.

Base: LPN Microwavable

Usage: Soup, Fruits, Noodle

Color: Black, R&B, Hanabi, Yoshino, Fubuki, Yayoi, Mokume.

(All colors are different prices, please request for Quotation.)

Microwavable Products : The maximum usage temperature is approximately 100-110 °C  (Only the Base)

Available Date : 1/6/2015

Sold & Fulfilled by uPackaging