Paper Straw (Black, White )

Size: 6mm x 195mm

Packing: 25pcs x 400pkt (10,000pcs/ctn)

Wide Application: For Restaurant, Party, Gathering, Street Foods etc. 
(Suitable for Cold Drinks, long lasting in cold drinks)

Paper straws are biodegradable, it takes less amount of time to decompose, unlike single-use plastic straws, 

which can take up to 200 years to decompose out in nature, paper straws take only 2 to 6 weeks.

Demand for paper straws has risen, as more businesses become aware of the negative effects of plastic straws 

and a ban on plastic straws in some state in Malaysia and the world

The paper straws are coated to ensure that the straws remain waterproof 

or waterproof for a significant period of time. 

Paper straw is slightly more expensive than the commonly used plastic straw, 

but businesses still can buy paper straws in bulk at an acceptable price. 

Packing10,000 pcs per Carton 
Color: White 
Specification: Diameter 0.6 mm x 19.5 cm  
Wide Application: For Restaurant, Party, Gathering, Street Foods etc. 
(Suitable for Cold Drinks, long lasting in cold drinks)

Available Date : 12/3/2019