About Us

About Us

Welcome to UPackaging: Your Partner for Seamless F&B Success

Established in 2018, UPackaging is your trusted partner in the world of food packaging solutions. We specialize in providing F&B owners with top-quality packaging materials that not only preserve the freshness of their delectable dishes but also amplify their brand's identity. With a commitment to streamlining costs, optimizing storage, and ensuring seamless delivery, UPackaging is dedicated to helping F&B businesses thrive.

Our vision is clear: to be the only support F&B owners need to run their businesses smoothly, with peace of mind. Your convenience is our utmost satisfaction, and we're committed to ensuring your success in the competitive F&B industry. Explore our services and experience the difference of having UPackaging as your trusted partner.

Our Team

Ease of use website

UPackaging website is well design to bring easy and great shopping experience to customer. Upon visit to our online store, with clicks and pages will guide customer through step by step from searching the item to make payment and complete the order. All step is design to be hassle free and quick completion to final step.

Easy and secure payment options

We accept different payment methods for customer orders. It can be done via bank transfer (Maybank2u), cheque payment. Upon payment completion of customer order, we will update order status in customer account. Customer can login into member account and check their order details or delivery status as well.


We usually ship out customer orders on the same day.

Comprehensive and personal service

We offer extensive customer service to our client. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 012-7672833 or email us at [email protected]

We will do our best to help customer in a professional way.