CH-8 Transparent Container (800pcs/ctn)

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Size: Base 140x106x32mm (Lid Height 27mm)
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Features : Accuracy, Locking, Recycling, Safety, Space, Surface

Usage : Food, Salad, Sushi, Fruits, Cake, Dessert

Material : LPS Non-Microwave 

Our products are made of PS material that does not emit toxins into the environment which makes them ideal for food packaging. The high transparency and surface splendor has attributed the food to remain fresh for an extended period of time due to light protruding. This material is excellent in impact resistance. The anti-fogging feature shows food inside clearly even though it is steamy. The maximum usage temperature is approximately 80-90˚C depending on conditions. AVOID using this material in a microwave oven or any type of oven.


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50pcs / pkt | 16pkt / ctn