Japanese Chopstick with Wrapper

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Length: 20cm (8")
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Japanese Wooden Chopstick

-Length: 8" / 20cm

-100 Pairs/pkt

-Safe and Durable: Made from high-quality natural bamboo, these chopsticks have been UV treated and splinter-free. Each pair of chopsticks comes in their own sleeve.

-Twins Style: These chopsticks are connected at the top. They are easily separated. without any splinter!

-Convenient and save time: As a one time use product, this product helps to reduce the time it takes to clean up after meals.

-Degradable: which is a readily and rapidly renewable resource. The rapid regrowth of bamboo makes bamboo products an ideal alternative to wooden products. They are completely biodegradable.

-Wide application: They are an excellent product for use with take-out orders, Asian-influenced parties and every day dining. They are perfect for many Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean dishes. 

Packing :
100 Pairs/Pkt